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About L.U.F.

The Universala Framasona Ligo, hereby called UFL-1905 (LUF in Italian), was founded in 1905 at Boulogne-sur-Mer (France) by an association of Freemasons, derived from the Esperanto Movement. Many Freemasons of the world and from different Obediences were and are members of LUF.

This LUF is meant as a “neutral Masonic base” for an exchange of thoughts and it is therefore open to all regular and active Master Masons.


LUF wants to be a guarantee for the Masonic Light:

  • no distinction of race, sex and religion is required;
  • no distinction will be applied among the various Nations.

All the above can be carried out by:

  • exchange of ideas and information;
  • work teams;
  • pubblication;
  • ultural meetings;
  • conference.

Full commitment in the spirit of the Universal chain of Brotherhood

Dear Sister, Dear Brother,
we are very happy to learn about your interest to LUF and we hope that the following information may satisfy your questions and may this be a start for the next steps.

It is through this association that we address brothers and sisters interested in information and international contacts, and to those who wish to actively work with us in LUF.

We would like to show the rules through which a brother or sister may engage him/herself with LUF as corrispondent. This with the purpose of explaining the meaning of Masonic Brotherhood in the world.

We are specifically aiming at building a bridge - through our working on the Rough Stone - between brother and brother (sister and sister) to realize a universal initiatic chain.

Raymond Ekchian
President LUF International


L . . . U . . . F . . ITALIA
Via Pandosia, 21 - 00186 - Roma
Tel: +39 06 700 84 53
Email: info@lufitalia.it
Website: www.lufitalia.it

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